Occupy Till I Come is dedicated to standing for what is right in the eyes of the Lord. Jesus has gone away to receive His Kingdom, and he gave us the wherewithal and command to occupy until He returns. As followers of Christ we cannot just sit back and let evil powers run the world. We are admonished to grow the Kingdom. And those who do not are called wicked, and those who would not bow to Him are slain. You can support us in many ways. Pray for our work. Join an event, or host one. Even Donate to the cause.


Our next event is in support of Law Enforcement, it will be held in Queens NYC.

RALLY with us to Support the NYPD and help us pray for them.

We will be gathering at Queens Blvd and Main St. in Briarwood, Queens, on August 15th FROM 12 NOON to 2 PM.

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